PyOWM uses custom exception classes. Here you can learn which classes are used and when such exceptions are cast by the library

Exceptions Hierarchy

    |   |
    |   |__ConfigurationNotFoundError
    |   |__ConfigurationParseError
    |   |
    |   |__BadGatewayError
    |   |__TimeoutError
    |   |__InvalidSSLCertificateError

Exception root causes

  • PyOWMError is the base class. Never raised directly
  • ConfigurationError parent class for configuration-related exceptions. Never raised directly
  • ConfigurationNotFoundError raised when trying to load configuration from a non-existent file
  • ConfigurationParseError raised when configuration can be loaded from the file but is in a wrong, unparsable format
  • APIRequestError base class for network/infrastructural issues when invoking OWM APIs
  • BadGatewayError raised when upstream OWM API backends suffer communication issues.
  • TimeoutError raised when calls to the API suffer timeout due to slow response times upstream
  • InvalidSSLCertificateError raised when it is impossible to verify the SSL certificates provided by the OWM APIs
  • APIResponseError base class for non-ok API responses from OWM APIs
  • NotFoundError raised when the user tries to access resources that do not exist on the OWM APIs
  • UnauthorizedError raised when the user tries to access resources she is not authorized to access (eg. you need a paid API subscription)
  • ParseAPIResponseError raised upon impossibility to parse the JSON payload of API responses