Maintenance streams timeline

Here is the timeline summarizing maintenance streams of our interest:

PyOWM Branches
|                    3.0
|                 O---------------------->>>  
|                    bugfix only
|   2.10           (minor releases)
|   2.9-LTS
|  (python 2)
'----@------------@--------------@---------> Time
  Jan, 1st     PyOWM 3.0       +1 year
	2020      release date

Please go ahead reading for further detail

Python 2 support

In short

  • official support for Python 2 will be discontinued on January, 1st 2020
  • this means that your Python 2 code will not benefit from official fixes and security updates
  • PyOWM has already officially switched to Python 3 from version 2.10 but still supports Python 2 until January, 1st 2020 on the v2.9-LTS code branch
  • therefore update your PyOWM installation to branch v2.9-LTS in order to get the latest bugfixes (no new features will be added) and plan for your move to Python 3 alongside
  • after January, 1st 2020 branch v2.9-LTS will be tagged on GitHub and then closed

How to install branch v2.9-LTS

Branch v2.9-LTS is not available on PyPi: it is only installable via:

pip2 install git+

or alternatively:

git clone
cd pyowm 
python2 install

PyOWM version 2 longterm support

In short

  • PyOWM 3.0 will be released at certain point in time… when that happens, the 2.10 release will enter a “longterm support” lasting 1 year
  • During that grace period, only minor releases will be issued in case of bugs - eg. 2.10.1
  • After 1 year, the latest minor release of 2.10 will be tagged and PyOWM version 2 stream will be considered dead

Remember: PyOWM 3 releases will have a different interface/behaviour from 2 releases, so please take time to read the docs and understand the impacts on your code